Including (but not limited to): chimichangas, potato chips (except I guess for the baked ones, which are bland anyways), FRENCH FRIES (this is going to be a tough one), chicken wings, all crispy buffalo chicken sandwiches (since, doesn’t crispy = fried?  Correct me if I’m wrong), Twinkies, tater tots, doughnuts and I even think Ramen Noodles are included since some aspect of their delicacy comes from being fried at some point.

I know this is off-topic from my book-ness, but I may need some encouragement and support throughout the next 40 days, as I have quite the love affair with all things fried (especially 2am on!) and am worried about going through withdrawal.

No, I’m definitely not Catholic (so am not walking around with ash/dust on my forehead today), I just like a good challenge now and then!  Feel free to share what you’re giving up for Lent, I could always use inspiration for next year.