My out of office is officially enabled, letting everyone who emails me know that I will not be returning until MONDAY, JULY 12th!!!!!

Off to the Hamptons for a long, idyllic 4th of July weekend before heading  home to MI to my childhood home for the LAST TIME! I don’t know if I’ve shared with everyone, but my parents are packing up our home of 25+ years and heading South – all the way to MISSISSIPPI!  Yes, of all the places in the world to relocate to, it wouldn’t have been my first pick either (hello, San Diego!?), but I’m very excited about the opportunity for my family and look forward to a warm Christmas.  I’ve never been to MS, so if anyone has any reading suggestions I’d love to hear them!  Of course I’ve read THE HELP and plan to reread again before my first trek down there, but would appreciate additional suggestions.

Then on to Chicago, for the wedding of a college friend. I’m at that age where everyone seems to be settling down, which is both exciting and rather scary!

No worries on reading materials; my Kindle is uploaded with lots of good stuff like the  upcoming BODY WORK by Sara Paretsky, GARDEN SPELLS that was suggested by many of you (thanks, Lisa!), THE GOOD WIFE, and also two physical books I’m in the midst of enjoying: IF YOU KNEW SUZY and the upcoming book of the fall from Kensington Books, FRIDAY MORNINGS AT NINE.

I look forward to enlightening you all on my “vacation” (though I intend to take a tropical one in the real future that involves more umbrella drinks and less packing) readings.  I wish you all a happy 4th!!