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Thompson St, SoHo, NYC - aka HOME!

FINALLY!  Not only did I earn this Wordless Wednesday post through two reviews since my first WW (I told myself no WW fun unless I write a review in between), but the blood, sweat and tears involved in this door make it a very deserving share.

I may or may not have mentioned that I abhor moving, but was doing so anyways due to our past landlord raising our already sky-high rent even higher (seriously, you non-NYC dwellers would be appalled).  So, after much debate my roommate and I made the big decision to move to a different, hopefully nicer, 650 sq. foot, er, palace.

Of course moving is never as easy as one would expect or hope – and I even anticipated difficulty – but I  had not foreseen being stuck in five days of moving purgatory/HELL when our lease ended slightly before our new one began.  With a couple very nice boyfriends, neither Liz nor I was sleeping in a box in Central Park, but we did pay more than $1k for storage for a meager half of our belongings.

Now, all of our stuff is contained within the lovely, but not exactly spacious, apartment inside the wonderful red door shown above! I love red doors, always have, so think it was very serendipitous of us to find this place. Now if only someone would come find space where there is none, so we don’t look like hoarders any more…

PS you should see my bookshelf.  I plan to post a picture soon! I got rid of so many books before I moved, but one visit to the Penguin giftshop and I’ve more than made up for it.

I was recently visiting the wonderful blog Whimpulsive (such a neat word – wish I had thought of it!) when I was utterly inspired to hop on the weekly post called “Wordless Wednesday.”  SuziQ’s photo that convinced me to play can be found here (wine tasting yes please).  But because I like themes, I am going to dedicate my weekly Wednesday post to doors.

Doors you ask?  Don’t ask me why, but I have a thing for doors.  I’m a walker, and I consistently find myself pointing out intriguing/cool/classy/gorgeous/gothic/hideous doors to my walking companion, who no matter it is, doesn’t seem to share my interest.  But come on, people, imagine the lives behind each and every door!  So my goal is to (hopefully not creepily) photograph the doors I walk by and enjoy.

Let’s begin here:

55 St. Marks Place, NYC

How cool are those carvings on either side?! And I only wish my shoddy iPhone camera could capture the veins trailing up the entire brownstone.  Gorgeous.

Hmmm is it still “Wordless Wednesday” if I write about it?  This weekly post reminds me of the “White Russian Wednesdays” we used to celebrate in college.  Not quite the same.  Maybe I’ll find a door that reminds me of kahlua at some point.

And a BIG THANKS to BethFishReads (check out her amazing W.W. post here) for pointing out that I need to link to the home of all these fabulous photos:

May 2020
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