Welcome to Mississippi!

As I noted in my post, A Road(trip) to a Southern Bell, my parents recently made the big move from Michigan to Mississippi, taking me along for the ride (the literal roadtrip down and for holidays – not a permanent relocation from NYC).  To better prepare myself for the culture shock (I’m thrilled with the move, really, but it is a whole new world down there) I’m reading lots o’Southern literature.  I’m going to keep track here, since y’all (lingo, like it?!) gave me so many great suggestions I need to keep track.

My Southern Lit List* stands at:

My adorable nephew eating MS catfish!So anyone want to join me in swilling mint juleps, hurricanes and sweet tea with with some fried catfish?  I think I’ve guilted BookLady’sBlog into reading GONE WITH THE WIND and Flannery O’Connor, but like all good southerners, we welcome friends and neighbors!  Kari, I believe you said “I miss the y’alls and magnolia trees and porch swings!” so come on over!

*looking for a catchy name, Southern Lit List doesn’t really do it for me. I’m taking suggestions!