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Now for all of you experienced bloggers out there, this milestone is hardly something of which to be proud. But, hell, I celebrate my half birthday (July

Visual Depiction of my milestone excitment

Visual Depiction of my excitement

28, mark that down) so have no shame in taking note (and being excited) of my one-month status!

As of March 10 (I missed the actual date by two days, oops), 21 posts, 14 comments, 24 spam messages and 670 views, I like to think I have come a long way since my first post that seriously took me two weeks to publish.

Thank you all for the comments and support, and please continue to come back and give me further feedback and even criticism, if you feel so inclined. Happy Reading!

I love the Bean in Millennium Park!

I love the Bean in Millennium Park!

It has officially been 172 years since the city of Chicago has been incorporated! Still gorgeous, though having undergone a few bouts with plastic surgery (especially after that big fire in 1871), Chicago is still a mecca of culture, skyscrapers, nightlife and history.

Also of note, today is NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY! Total nerd comment, but my English teacher roommate informed me and I think it should be celebrated by all.  Maybe brush up on some who vs. whom and the basic good vs. well.

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